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Tongkat Ali Capsules

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Tongkat Ali Capsules

Clean & Third-Party Tested - Ensuring the best quality money can buy!


1. Number Of Servings

Which strength is right for me?

We recommend 500mg (2 x 250mg capsules) as this is the best dosage for results.

The 100mg tablet option is for people who want to control their own dosage by taking between 1-5 tablets per day.

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  • Third-Party Tested ensuring the best quality money can buy
  • Clean - Our products are free of adulterants added to sports supplements to increase their effects
  • MADE IN THE UK - All of our supplements are manufactured in the UK

3rd Party Tests

To prove the quality of our supplements, we get them tested by 3rd-party laboratories. Most supplement companies do not get the quality of their supplements verified by 3rd-parties. This means their customers have to blindly trust claims of high quality. We’re different. Our supplements are 3rd-party tested for:

  • Identity, confirming authenticity
  • Potency, confirming our supplement contain the active responsible for many of the effects
  • Illegal adulterants, confirming our products are free of adulterants added to sports supplements to increase their effects
  • Heavy metals, confirming our products are among the safest on the market
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How to use

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    Up to TWO capsules per day

    Take up to two 250mg capsules daily, ideally in the morning with food.

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    2-3 month cycle

    Take a two week break every 2-3 months for optimum results. This helps to make sure that the supplement works as effectively as possible in the body.

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    It's usually best to take Tongkat Ali with food in the morning. Some individuals feel nauseous when taking Tongkat Ali on an empty stomach due to quick absorption or gastrointestinal irritation.