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Alex Cobham
On these for a while.. many months.

Had these with fadogia for a while.
I find my motivation to workout is *lower* on this combo, so I've had some breaks. Might be because I feel less p'd off in general and anger has been a motivator for me in the past. Anyway, when I have been consistent for months, I'm hitting personal bests on lifts.. to the point where I can't really put it down to anything else. My diet has been consistent for over a decade and I'm 41, casually out-repping and out-lifting my 27year old previous "tank" self. I go hard, but it's like my muscles forget to struggle. I'd say DOMS is sightly worse, but given the gains, I'm not surprised - and I have to split up tongkat into two doses of 200mg personally otherwise it gives me the runs.
I bought this stuff thinking it was snake oil.
My pharmacy tech friend tells me it is, and I am always cynical, but my results make me believe otherwise.

chris peachment

I take it for personal well being.

Gary Legge
Game changer

I’ve tried a few different brands of this product & this is among the best! It makes you feel more powerful not only in your workouts but also just in every day life! Confidence is much higher & libido is through the roof! All & all a must in every man’s armoury 👊

Paul Howsham

Horny Goat Weed Tablets - Natural Libido Boost

Chris Hill
Horny goat weed

They do everything they supposed to !!!!

Tongkat Ali For Women Tablets
Tongkat Ali For Women Tablets
Tongkat Ali For Women Tablets
Tongkat Ali For Women Tablets

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