Turkesterone & Ecdysterone Scientific Studies.

"Turkesterone Out Performed Dianabol" (Anabolic Steroid)

A rodent study in the year 2000 compared the anabolic effects of ecdysterone and turkesterone with Anabol and Dianabol.

The effects were judged by changes in body weight and the weight of internal organs and skeletal muscles.

As visible in the table above, puberal and intact impuberal rodents experienced greater weight gain from turkesterone than from nerabol (Dianabol) and methylandrostenediol (Anabol).

Ecdysterone also resulted in similar weight gain to the anabolic steroids, but not as much as turkesterone.

These results are remarkable for several reasons:

Dianabol and Anabol are potent anabolic steroids that bodybuilders have used for decades.

Anabol and Dianabol generally lead to artificial weight gain due to water retention, unlike turkesterone and ecdysterone.

Turkesterone and ecdysterone stimulated protein synthesis without adverse effects on natural hormone production.

"Young men experienced significantly larger gains in muscle mass after ecdysterone supplementation compared to a placebo"

These Results...

2kg Gain In Lean Mass

19kg Increase In Squat One Rep Max In 10 Weeks

9.5Kg Increase In Bench Press One Rep Max In 10 Weeks

A 2019 clinical trial measured the effects of ecdysteroids (Ecdysterone - Turkesterone's sister compound) on sports performance and body composition.

It was sponsored by the World Anti-Doping Agency.
46 young men were given Ecdysterone daily for 10 weeks.

They were instructed to engage in 3 sessions of resistance training per week.

All participants had at least 1 year of weight-lifting experience (bench press, deadlift and squat).

"Compared to the placebo group, Ecdysterone was correlated with significantly larger increases in muscle mass. The placebo group actually lost muscle mass"

How Does It Work?

ATP is the fuel that your muscles use for energy. ATP is created by the mitochondria burning fat and oxygen.

Turkesterone improves hydration in the muscle by 3 times. Somewhat like Creatine.

ATP production increases. More fat and oxygen is burned to create more energy for you to play with in the gym. More water is drawn into the muscle resulting in a fuller look.